The Storyteller


An Irish Tradition for your Special Event

Lorraine O’Dwyer is an authentic Seanchaí (shan-a-key) or traditional Irish Storyteller and is available to hire for special occasions. This typically Irish art form provides a unique and compelling form of entertainment. From corporate retreats to private parties, anniversaries or birthday celebrations as well as product and event launches – our Storyteller is here to share her talent. 

The Seanchaí

The Seanchaí are traditional Irish Storytellers and the custodians of folk history. In ancient times, these bards could recite ancient rhyming lore, the entire genealogy of their King and Tribe and dispense tales of wisdom whenever it was needed.  

A sacred and important role, the Storyteller sat between the King and his Druid and perhaps the worst things you could do would be to insult a Storyteller.  

Today of course our Storytellers compete with the internet and scrolling on phones – but they have survived and will continue to do so. They have, after all, survived TV, movies, books and comic books.  

The role of the modern Storyteller has changed and evolved – and they may perhaps be found working with brands to tell their unique product story. Or perhaps they’re simply being the friend that always has a great tale to tell. 

You will find Storyteller’s right across Ireland – weaving myth and legend into new tales, adapted to the modern ear. And the beauty of a story well told remains a wonderful thing indeed. 

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