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This is a tour like no other! More akin to a rambling workshop as you discover a whole new world under the leafy canopy of an Irish native and ancient Woodland



A bottle of Sparkling Nettle drink provided by WILDabout, made here in Wexford using only organic ingredients by this multiple award winning brand


2 Hours 30 Minutes


Group of maximum 12 for larger private tours please use the contact me page

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This is a tour like no other! It is more akin to a rambling workshop as you discover a whole new world under the leafy canopy of the Woods.

One of the 0.02% remaining ancient woodlands in Ireland it is a truly wonderful place to explore. Filled with mature specimens of our native Irish Trees, along with a forest floor bursting with edible delights!

Walking along the ancient paths, you’ll also hear a little of the history of the region, from pagan Druids to rampaging Knights

The tour blends simple foraging for seasonal herbs, nuts, and fruit along with leaves that taste like butterhead lettuce, flowers that can cured medieval virus’s, a huge array of wild herbs perfect for teas and tinctures. You’ll also discover which leaves turn to soap when they get wet! What flower cures a hangover and what tree was known as the Witches Tree for all the cures it holds!

You’ll learn about Ogham, Celtic Druidic Tree Worship, and how the trees were protected within the Brehon Laws of old Ireland, with huge fines for damaging a “Noble of the Woods” And as if that wasn’t enough you’ll also be introduced to the “Wood Wide Web” as you learn how the trees communicate, grow communities, share resources and even see and count! 

this 2.5hr woodland walking workshop will leave you with loads of new skills, a couple of cool bush hacks to show off and a deeper understanding of the forest environment, plus a refreshing drink to enjoy as you soak it all up!

Please note that children are welcome but, children under 6 years of age might get bored or tired, so please be aware that should you need to drop out of the walk earlier, refunds cannot be given.