Practically Pagan


An Introduction to Celtic Paganism

Curious about Paganism? Keen to know more but the stereotypical associations of something weird and scary are putting you off? At Gallivanting we’re proof that Paganism is absolutely not that. Rather it’s an accessible, approachable and very practical way of living.

Celtic Paganism is a spiritual and cultural belief system that acknowledges nature as sacred, and that human beings are part of nature – along with other animals, trees and plants. Once you understand this premise, the rest makes so much sense.

What’s important is that there is no right or wrong way to practice Paganism. There is no formal training, no time frame or equipment. You are asked for nothing more than what you want to give. Let’s take a closer look…

What is Celtic Paganism?

Celtic Paganism draws inspiration from the ancient Celtic peoples who inhabited parts of Europe, particularly Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and parts of France and Spain. It is a nature-based, polytheistic religion that focuses on the worship of various deities and a deep connection with the natural world.

Connection to Nature

Celtic Pagans have a profound reverence for nature. By embracing this belief system, you develop a stronger connection with the natural world. Spending time outdoors, observing the changing seasons, and connecting with the Earth can bring a sense of peace and mindfulness to your life – all backed by science!

Spiritual Exploration

Celtic Paganism offers a diverse pantheon of deities and spirits associated with different aspects of life and nature. Exploring these deities and their stories can be a fascinating journey of self-discovery and personal growth. It allows you to explore various aspects of your own spirituality while also learning more about Irish culture through its massive amount of myth and folklore resources available. Often deities are associated with certain regions or areas in Ireland. Know the story and you’ll know your place.

But for many people it is as simple as Mother Earth and Father Sun.

Ritual and Ceremony

Community and Connection

Many Celtic Pagans gather in groups or communities to practice their beliefs together. Joining such a community can offer a sense of belonging and support, while it is also an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals who share your values and interests.

Some may find that they want to take a more solitary path – keeping their relationship with nature a private one. You may find that you prefer foraging, meditating and studying alone. Each person’s Pagan journey is individual.

Mindfulness and Balance

The cyclical nature of Celtic Paganism encourages you to be mindful of the balance in your life. By recognizing the ebb and flow of nature you can learn to adapt to the changing circumstances in your own life with more grace and resilience. It also makes it easier to eat seasonally, prepare for weather changes, and enjoy the moment!

Environmental Stewardship

Many Celtic Pagans view the Earth as sacred and strive to protect it. Adopting this perspective can motivate you to live a more sustainable and environmentally conscious life, reducing your ecological footprint.

Creativity and Inspiration

The stories, symbols, and imagery associated with Celtic Paganism can be a wellspring of inspiration for creative pursuits – be this writing, art, music or crafting.

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