From Foraging
to Folklore

Embrace A World of Woodland Wonder

Feel the energy and connect with nature. Share a tapestry of ancient stories as you learn about druid lore, our Pagan past, and feast off the fruits of the forest sprinkled with a little witch magic. With Gallivanting you’ve truly found one of the most unique and enriching experiences in Ireland.

An 8th generation ‘Bean Feasa’ or traditional wise woman, and a folklorist, Lorraine O’Dwyer invites you to explore the roots of our beautiful natural world – literally.

Whether you choose to journey with her through the sacred trees and taste wild food as you go or sit with her by the fire to hear Pagan stories of old – you’ll follow the footsteps of your ancestors and reconnect to your beginnings. And from learning about the healing power of herbs to taking a seasonal farm tour – you’ll find authenticity and a sense of calm in a hurried world.

Come Gallivanting!

What We Offer

Unique Experiences in Ireland

From tree and herblore to kitchen craft skills and foraged foods, a Gallivanting experience is one of a kind and one of the most unusual things you can do in Ireland.

“I really – I cannot stress this enough – did not think people would want to know about this. I grew up being called a heathen and a bit mad! And here we are in 2023 and people want to know about sunburn cures, about hangover cures, what trees to plant.”
– Irish Times

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