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Discover the magic that existed before St Kevin founded his monastery in Glendalough on this unique guided walk that will give you a whole new insight into this iconic sacred site



A bottle of Sparkling Nettle drink provided by WILDabout, made here in Wexford using only organic ingredients by this multiple award winning brand

Not included

Transport to Glendalough – If you need transport, please get in touch


4 Hours or 0 Hour

Bring along

Flat-soled comfortable walking shoes
Rain gear if necessary

Important information

The meeting point will be outside the Visitor Centre. Off to the side there is a large Irelands Ancient East Sign with picnic benches surrounding it. This is where we meet  

Further Information

Join me as we explore the alternative hidden history of one of Irelands most iconic Attractions Glendalough. 

This walk, beginning at the Visitor Centre, takes a look at Glendalough’s Pre-Christian history. We begin with a visit to a Holy Well and the Rag Tree. The concept of Holy Wells and Rag trees are one of the most obvious carryovers from Pagan times we have. With the well linking us with the Otherworld and the Rag Tree deeply associated with Fairy magic. You will learn the correct way to use the Well Waters and be given an opportunity to hang an offering on the Rag Tree and hear the story of Airmid, the Maiden Goddess of Healing Plants

Leaving the monastery behind we take the “Green Road” to the Upper Lake, stopping along the way to try writing using a wooden quill and inks made from acorns, elderberries and alder cones. This ink is made from ingredients sourced here in the park and made in the exact same way it was made when Glendalough was in its early Medieval prime! It’s at this stop that you will hear the story of Tailtú, a Bronze Age Goddess, who is still remembered each July. 

From there we move to the Monastic City, but leaving most of the Christian buildings and artifacts alone, we’re looking for something special representing the Earth Goddess built into the wall of one of the churches and we’ll also stop to discuss why Yew Trees are always found in the graveyards of Celtic Countries. Hear you will hear the Stories of The Morrigan, the shape shifting Battle Queen! 

Moving on, we’ll take a look at some of the Trees beloved of the Druids before we reach the Upper CarPark. Here we stop for a break, there are toilets available and optional refreshments from the coffee trucks. 

Finally, we take the short walk over to the Caher Enclosure. Much has been debated regarding this ancient stone circle and you will hear some of the more Pagan theories! 

And finally, from there we stroll over to the shore of the Upper Lake for your final Myth, the Tale of Macha. 

The tour finishes at this point leaving you to either further explore the national park, the nearby waterfall, the Monastic City or simply take the scenic boardwalk route back to the original car park.