About Me


Welcome to Gallivanting

Based in the southeast of Ireland, Gallivanting offers unique forest walks and inspirational tours and workshops on Celtic mythology, folklore and native Pagan practices.

Lead by an authentic Irish witch and folklorist, this is your opportunity to explore the roots of worship in this great land, understand the endless generosity of nature and take in an enchanting world of magic and wonder. Inspirational and gentle, informative and entertaining – you’re promised a rich blend of fascinating knowledge, quirky facts and bewitching secrets. If you’re looking for something different to do while visiting our corner of the world – you’ve found it. A chance to connect with the past, with the natural world – and with yourself.

Famed for her unique storytelling walks and workshops, Lorraine will draw you back into a natural world almost lost today. From tree and herblore to kitchen craft skills and foraging – come explore the bounty and the beauty.

Lorraine’s Story

My Roots Back and My Way Forward

Born in Dublin, I come from a family rooted in hospitality; musicians, hoteliers and publicans. At age 21 I settled in Wexford, a place my mother’s side of the family had called home for centuries – and I still call it home. After working in hospitality for several years I founded Gallivanting– focusing on history and folklore tours for international visitors as well as food and farm tours with Taste Wexford.

Covid changed things for us – for all of us – but it was the push I needed to explore my true passion: the wonder of trees and forests. I’ve had a special connection with nature since childhood – something special passed down from my Aunt Eithne and to her, from her mother, all the way back through eight generations. It has led me on a path towards an Earth Based Spirituality, and through this, I have grown my interest in and knowledge of herbology, aromatherapy, Celtic Mythology, Irelands Sacred Sites and Goddess Worship.

I saw how, in Covid times, people were rediscovering the outdoors, birdsong and fresh air – and realising how they had become grossly disconnected to the natural world. I realised that the teachings which I was blessed to have grown up with, could help people explore their place in the natural world – finding happiness, peace and meaning.

As an Irish woman, I can trace my ancestry all the way back to the Iron age and the days of the Gaelic ruling clan of Dubhuir who sat at Cashel. My Great Grandmother was the famed Bean Feasa of Scarawalsh. I live to the rhythm of nature. The trees of the forest are friends, and I am an equal with the birds and animals that live under their canopy. I acknowledge the ancient festivals that mark the turn of the year, and when troubled I petition the Old Gods for help. I use the native plants that grow in our oldest woodlands to heal and to feed myself.

I’m Here to Share My Knowledge

I may not be able to give you the Latin name of a plant, but I can share with you the secrets of the forest. Which tree gives you black dye (the oak), which was the tree of the warrior (the alder) and that from which Thor’s hammer was made (the rowan).

I can tell you about the ‘wood wide web’: a truly magical process that allows trees to communicate and share resources.

As a Pagan with over 30 years practice and yet no affiliations to any of the Covens or Druidic Organisations I can share my knowledge with others wanting to connect with the Feminine Divine without a need for formal training. I believe anyone can create, live and follow a Pagan path and embrace a life-long journey of discovery.

And as a trained and qualified guide I know how to deliver this information in an easy and entertaining way.

Whether you’re revisiting nature, or discovering it for the first time, I invite you to join me for a walk and see the trees as your ancestors did. To learn about the Brehon Laws of Ireland and the Ogham Tree writing system. To discover the Gods and Goddesses that were worshipped here long before Christianity – and so much more. Let’s go Gallivanting!

Come Gallivanting!