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Please Note that the dates listed are not fixed and are subject to full occupancy. Private workshops at a date/time of your choosing are welcome.

Please contact me to make a request at Only a minimum of two people are required to run a workshop

Irish Paganism has seen a revival in recent years and all the more since the early days of Covid and as more people have become aware of the Climate Crisis


A copy of Irish Paganism by Morgan Daimler 

Printed notes

5 Hours

Notepad and pen


Further Information

This workshop is a simple practical pagan workshop open to anyone starting out on this path. Whether you are simply curious about what, who and how our ancestors worshipped or believe you are on a journey of Spiritual Awakening you will enjoy this workshop.

We begin by looking into the history, the stories left behind, the myth and legends before moving onto the idea of the great Earth Mother. She had many names on this island, Aine, Danú, Macha and of course Bríd or St Bridget as she became. 

We look at the Celtic Wheel of the year, with time for pleasure, work and study and rituals and festivals at each quarter and how we can celebrate and honour today. Along with practical tips on Spellcasting, Manifesting and working with Energies. 

We also take a look into Wiccan, and the American take on Celtic Paganism. You’ll learn how to find more authentic sources of information and learning and how to connect with like minded people living in your community.

Finally we look at the differant pagan paths available to you, The Order of the Druids, Bards and Oviates, Witchcraft, Celtic Shamanism the Irish School of Paganism or simply creating your own Pagan Path

Please Note: This workshop is extensive and covers most of the day, but please be aware that we will not be conducting any meditations or ritual work, it is meant as a purely practical and informative workshop open to all and teenagers over 16 are welcome.